No matter where you are, we can help prepare your simple or standard Will.

Every adult in Australia needs to make a Last Will and Testament to dispose of their property after their death in accordance with their wishes, otherwise their deceased estate will be administrated according to intestate succession law.

Because we’re a modern law firm, we use technology to make our services as efficient as possible whether you’re interstate or across the street.

If you wish to have a simple or standard Will done remotely, we offer fixed fees and we do not meet with you in person, but rather our communication is done via telephone or video-conference and email.

Creating a will can be overwhelming and daunting – but we simplify the process.

Firstly, we will need you to verify your identity by scanning and emailing two forms of identification, including one which has a photo of you (for example your driver’s licence or passport).

We will then obtain your instructions about how you to wish your estate to be distributed after your death. We will assist you in this process by providing you with a list of things to consider and provide you with a series of questions to answer.  We will use this information to prepare your will.

We also prepare power of attorneys and advanced health directives.

Experienced litigators

At MLW Legal we have nearly two decades of litigation experience. We’re always happy to see your matters through to the end.

Committed to your results

Our team is fully committed to your debt recovery results – whether that comes via a simple letter, a short, sharp negotiation or a protracted litigation.

The MLW Legal difference

At MLW Legal, we are client focused.  You are our priority, always.