About MLW Legal

Who We Are

Navigating the legal landscape and court system can be frustrating and confusing. Without legal advice, trying to determine your legal rights and obligations can be overwhelming and confusing. We founded MLW Legal to support you in a way that makes sense in today’s world.

We aim to provide exemplary customer service by taking time to understand your situation, identify your issues and concerns and achieve results that matter.

An all-round strategic approach

At MLW Legal our goal is to be the strategic partner in your business. We take a well rounded approach to assisting with your commercial legal needs. That means, we take the time to understand not just the matter and issues at hand, but your business as well, from the big picture point of view to the day-to-day needs. 

Our high-level service means we’re fully committed to you as the client. We provide expert legal advice to deal with the issues at hand and steps that can be taken to avoid those issues arising again.

Boutique Size, Big Experience

We’re founded on nearly two decades of experience in reputable commercial and litigation firms in Australia. We’ve brought that big firm expertise into our boutique practice to capture the best of both worlds. A personalised experience with lawyers you can trust, who know their stuff.

As litigators, we can see your issues through from start to finish with skill and competence.

Modern Approach

As a modern law firm we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo to create a better experience for you. We’re flexible, agile and responsive. We use the latest innovative technology and virtual capabilities to support you whether you’re interstate or across the street.

Reasonable Price Point

We  provide you with excellent services at a reasonable price.  Unlike other firms, we don’t charge for every phone call or email.

Our Values


We don’t just help you solve the big problems. We work with you to stop them from happening again. Our proactive legal advice prevents loss of time and resources in your small business meaning you can focus on your business and doing what you do best.


When you work with our team, you will have complete clarity over the issues at hand. We make sure you understand your obligations, the steps we’ve taken (and will take) in your matter and what you can expect going forward.


Legal fees can be daunting. What will it cost? How long will it take? We will always be honest and transparent about our fees and costs throughout every step of the process.


You are our priority and we are committed to providing you with the best legal services and advice possible.

About Marcelle

MLW Legal was founded by Marcelle Webster. Marcelle has spent 15 years working with both national and boutique law firms in Australia. She founded MLW Legal because she wanted to be able to offer more for less with the adoption of the modern law firm approach. 

Marcelle’s clients will agree that she’s exactly the legal back up you need when dealing with employment law, debt recovery or commercial litigation matters. She’s firm, forthright and not afraid to say  how it is. As a strong litigator she can back you from start to finish.

Marcelle has a wealth of experience and knowledge in workplace relations law in acting for both employers and employees. She was recently appointed as the Deputy Chair of the Queensland Law Society Industrial Relations Committee.