Debt Recovery

Proactive and cost-effective debt recovery services

As a business, unpaid invoices can make the difference between making payroll or not or being able to start your new project… or not. To have working capital and be able to run your business, you must be able to collect on your debts. But doing so is easier said than done.

You may have had a bad experience with debt collecting in the past. Perhaps you ended up paying an expensive collector for an ineffective result. But that’s why we do things differently at MLW Legal.

Debt recovery specialists

At MLW Legal we’re debt recovery specialists. That means we understand what your rights are, and what steps you can and should take to manage the debt owed to you. We empower you to do just that.

Our Services include:

Letters of demand
Statutory demands
Debt recovery litigation
Enforcement proceedings
Negotiating with debtors
Conducting bankruptcy proceedings
Conducting winding up proceedings

Experienced litigators

At MLW Legal we have nearly two decades of litigation experience. We’re always happy to see your matters through to the end.

Committed to your results

Our team is fully committed to your debt recovery results – whether that comes via a simple letter, a short, sharp negotiation or a protracted litigation.

Looking for Something Else?

The MLW Legal difference

We’ll help you take the right steps to recover your debts so you can get back to running your business