Commercial Litigation

We’re not afraid to go to court to protect your interests

Even when the parties have used their best efforts, commercial disputes can’t always be resolved outside of the courtroom. Going to court can be complex and frustrating. We can help you with litigation matters in all federal and state courts and tribunals across Australia. 

At MLW our expert team is equipped to handle your complex litigation cases. We tailor our approach to the size, complexity and nature of your dispute.

How We Help

A litigator must know how to navigate the legal system and how to think on their feet. At MLW Legal we have those skills. Even more, we’re never afraid to take a matter to court if it’s not getting resolved otherwise. We’ll go to bat for you every time.

Our Services include:

Contractual disputes and litigation
Joint venture disputes
Consumer disputes and litigation
Restraint of trade & intellectual property disputes
Professional negligence claims and litigation
Director, shareholder and partnership disputes
Fair Work and industrial relations disputes
Debt collection, bankruptcy, and insolvency

Experienced Litigators

Not every lawyer is also a litigator. But with over 15 years’ experience in litigation, we have the expertise needed to navigate the legal and courtroom system intricacies. And because we have this deep litigation experience, many other lawyers who work in employment law or debt recovery, but who don’t have the requisite litigation experience, refer clients to our expert team.

Dispute Resolution

Our experts are also on hand to assist with dispute resolution that happens outside of the courtroom. This could include mediation prior to or even during litigation. We’re here to support you through the process and ensure you’re getting the best outcomes and results for your situation.

Results driven

The team at MLW Legal are focused on achieving real results for clients – anywhere in Australia. We make it a priority to keep your goals at the forefront of our minds throughout the duration of the case.

Tailored legal advice

Our clients range from multinational corporations, businesses, and major employers to individuals.  We know it’s not a one size fits all situation. We tailor the advice you need and take the time to listen and understand your matter. We appreciate each case has its own unique set of circumstances which requires different strategies.

However, one thing remains the same – we focus on achieving real results for our clients.

Looking for Something Else?

The experts you want on your side

You can’t choose to avoid disputes, but you can choose how to deal with them. And it’s important to have the right legal representation from the start of your case until its resolution.